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            Sinomach holds investment management conference



            Zhang Xiaolun(M), chairman of Sinomach, addresses an investment management conference at the company’s headquarters in Beijing on June 23. [Photo/sinomach.com.cn]

            China National Machinery Industry Co (Sinomach) held an investment management conference in Beijing on June 23. Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of the company, delivered a speech at the conference.

            Zhang said that strengthening investment management is the key to high-quality development. It is also necessary for building a world-class company.

            Quan Huaqian, deputy chief accountant of Sinomach, detailed the company’s investment activities over the past five years, analyzed major problems facing the company, and proposed a work plan for future investment management.

            Feng Chun, a senior executive at CITIC SECURITIES CO, delivered a lecture on the management of market value.

            Managers at the company’s headquarters attended the conference in person, while managers of the company’s subsidiaries participated remotely through video.